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Donostia / San Sebastián is a city open to the sea, protected by the mountains Igeldo, Urgull and Ulía

The complex formed by the beaches of Ondarreta and La Concha, with the Island of Santa Clara that rises in the middle of the bay, is one of the most identifiable images of the city. The third beach of the city, the Zurriola, located next to the Kursaal Congress Center, is internationally known for its advantages for surfing.

Donostia / San Sebastián is the administrative capital of Gipuzkoa, one of the three territories that make up the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. It is located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, 30 kilometers from the border with France. In fact, the Donostia-Bayonne cross-border axis forms an important pole of social, economic and tourism development in the south-east of the European Union (EU).

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Donostia / San Sebastián is a medium-sized city with 185,000 inhabitants. It is a tourist city, eminently commercial, a city of services and congresses. Over the last few years, Donostia / San Sebastián has been at the forefront of European cities that base their development on comprehensive support for science, technology, sustainable development and culture. Its appointment as European Capital of Culture in 2016 endorses the commitment of the city.

With an orderly urban distribution and short distances, Donostia / San Sebastián is perfect for walking, with wide pedestrian spaces, greenbelts and walking paths that extend along its entire coastline, from end to end.

The city, with an important international tourist tradition that goes back to the nineteenth century, has a wide availability of clean public transportation, great architectural icons like the Congress Palace and Kursaal Auditorium, a variety of hotels and, above all, a gastronomic creativity that has become a worldwide reference.



Donostia / San Sebastián is a lively, active city with a healthy lifestyle that includes outdoor sports. The city hosts many top international sporting events (Marathon, Behobia-San Sebastian running race, Classic Cycling race, Donosti Cup, Sailing Race, Horse Racing, International Chess Open …), and many other popular events. The practice of sports is common in Donostia / San Sebastian, where you will find racers, cyclists, rollers, surfers …